Clinical Jobs

Most clinical staff members have the following two characteristics in common - they are compassionate and they want to help others. Our clinical staff gets to help others, but in a different setting than they are used to. At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, our clinical staff gets to work with happy healthy patients instead of sick ones. Nonetheless, they still make an impact because they are helping people work through issues that are critical to their self-esteem.

Nurse Jobs

Nurses at Vitenas get to take advantage of a regular eight-hour Monday through Friday schedule. Typical work includes taking care of patients before surgery as well as afterwards. It is the nurses' responsibility to provide our patients with a high level of customer service throughout their experience.

Other Opportunities

Since we are expanding to our new location with two operating rooms, we also have several opportunities for physician assistants (PA), surgical technologists (CST), and medical assistants (CMA).