Patient Coordinator Jobs

Patient coordinators at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery play a vital role in the success of our company. When a patient inquires about cosmetic surgery at VCS, the first person they will talk to is a patient coordinator. However, their role goes beyond just that initial discussion. Once a patient comes in for their first consultation, the patient coordinator will accompany them in the exam room. Afterward, they will present a quote for the service and discuss payment options. Because they work with the patient so closely at the beginning of the process, it is vital that patient coordinators are able to develop quality relationships that are based on trust.

The patient coordinator role can be considered a consultative sales type of position, but it is more than that. They have to fully understand patients' needs and remove any barriers that may occur when it comes to plastic surgery. So, it's important for them to be empathetic individuals who can understand what our patients are going through from an emotional standpoint and then help them through the process.